10 apps to make extra money

I love making a few extra dollars here and there when I am bored!

the convenience of apps

I am not talking like life changing amounts but just a bit of extra cash that might pay one of my utility bills or cover a week’s worth of groceries!

The best thing is I can do this on my smart phone when I am winding down, watching a bit of TV.

I have found that just by spending a couple of hours a week on various apps, I can make a marked difference to my monthly budget with hardly any time and effort at all.

People often turn their noses up at little financial wins but I’m not one of them.

I think the little successes are worth it as any time making money is time worth spent in my eyes!

So, I’ve put together a collection of a few of my favorite apps that I’ve used over the last few years to accumulate a bit of side income each month!

Let’s check them out.

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1. survey junkie

(Only available in USA, Canada and Australia)

I’ve made hundreds of dollars with Survey Junkie over the years! It’s my favorite app to make extra cash online!

Yes, surveys are a tad boring but they’re super easy and I kind of enjoy them, at the risk of sounding like a very sad person!

Survey Junkie have a 4.5⭐ rating on TrustPilot which doesn’t really surprise me as they seem quite legit when I’ve used them.

They just do surveys as well so you know where you are with them

What can i make?

Expect to earn up to $10 an hour with Survey Junkie which isn’t bad if you’re just lounging around on your couch chilling.

The most I’ve made with them is around $50 in one week which paid for my cell phone bill one month. You can withdraw your money with PayPal or through gift cards.

You even get a few bonus points just for signing up.

(Only available in USA, Canada and Australia)

2. swagbucks

(Only available in USA, Australia, Canada, India, Germany, UK and Ireland).

SwagBucks is another cool app that I have made hundreds of dollars with since I joined up.

There are numerous ways of making money with them such as:-

  • Surveys
  • Playing games
  • Browsing the internet
  • Watching videos

It works on a points system where you earn points for the tasks you complete which you can then exchange for PayPal voucher or gift vouchers.

What can i make?

Expect to earn about $5 – $10 per hour with SwagBucks.

They have a 4.3 ⭐ rating on TrustPilot so are fairly well regarded. It’s definitely a tried and tested app to make money online.

The cool thing is you get a $5 signing up bonus for absolutely nothing.

(Only available in USA, Australia, Canada, India, Germany, UK and Ireland).

3. my Points

(Only available in USA and Canada).

My Points is very similar to SwagBucks in that you can make money in a variety of different ways which means it’s a little less boring than your run of the mill survey site.

You can complete surveys, playing games, do shopping for cashback and watch videos.

What can i make?

Expect to earn about $5 – $10 per hour with My Points so, again, similar to SwagBucks.

They have a 4.4⭐ rating on TrustPilot so slightly higher than SwagBucks.

(Only available in USA and Canada).

4. ibotta

(Only available in USA and Canada).

Ibotta is a shopping app which allows you get cashback on goods you have bought!

Simply download and sign up to the app, purchase things through it and you get points and cashback with qualifying purchases through the app.

The app also works for items you’ve purchased in store.

It allows you to input the receipts of items you’ve purchased and get cashback that way.

What can i make?

You get money back as you use the app so it will depend on what you spend.

It’s more a question of “how much can I save” than “how much can I make”.

I have saved around $50 in a month using it.

Ibotta even offer a $20 sign up bonus.

5. rover app

(Currently available in USA, Canada, Germany, Spain, France, Italy, Netherlands, Norway and Sweden).

If you love animals, then you’ll love this app.

The Rover app puts you in touch with other dog owners in your local area so you can offer dog walking, dog sitting or dog minding services.

Sign up for the app and fill in your details and you’ll get put in touch with dogs owners in the area.

What can i make?

Expect to make around $15 – $20 an hour with Rover.

6. sweatcoin App

Wouldn’t it be cool to get rewards for exercising – definitely motivating!

Well that’s exactly what the Sweatcoin app does.

The app works by tracking the steps you do through your smart phone.

5000 steps gets you 5 sweat coins.

With sweat coins you can buy things like audio books, head phones, sports wear and even high ticket items like TV’s and smart phone (although these obviously take a lot longer to earn).

The great thing is you can pool your points between friends which means you can get those bigger ticket items much quicker.

7. postmates

(USA only).

Postmates is the ideal app if you want to get out and about and make some real cash!

Essentially it’s a delivery service for people wanting things delivered in your area.

Download the app and you can pick up jobs from people also using the app close by.

The customer will put in an order on the app and you then fetch what they want and deliver it to them.

This is usually food but can be other things as well like every day household goods.

What can i make?

Expect to earn around $20 an hour and you can easily make $500 a week with Postmates.

8. nielsen

(USA only).

Nielsen is an app that pays you to collect data about your internet usage.

Install it on your phone and they will pay you $50 a year for essentially track how you use the internet.

The app sits in the background of your phone so it’s compeltely passive.

The data they take is anonymous so you will never be linked to the data that is taken.

9. Rakuten

(USA and Canada only).

Rakuten is a similar app to Ibotta.

You install it and use the app to find products you want to buy and receive cashback when you make a qualifying purchase.

It’s a great app for getting money make you were going to spend anyway.

You even get a free $10 signing up bonus.

10. inbox Dollars

Inbox Dollars is another great app that I have made quite a bit o money with over the years.

They are primarily a survey company but they offer others way to make money as well including:-

  • watching tv and videos
  • shopping
  • cash offers

What can i make?

Expect to earn around $5 – $10 an hour. You aren’t going to become a millionaire with Inbox Dollars but the little wins do add up over time.

They are free to sign up to and you get a $5 bonus when you sign up, for absolutely nothing.


These apps to make extra money aren’t going to see you sailing away into the sunset any time soon, but they are great for a few extra dollars each month.

I never turn my nose up at easy money and you can use these apps while relaxing in front of the TV.

I would estimate I have made about $1000 over the last 3 years or so with these apps so that’s not to be sniffed at.


10 Apps To Make Extra Money

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